About Me

Hazel Webb Crozier has been working in the film Industry for over 25 years. She began her career making dance costumes for a BBC drama, and never looked back.

Working with many well known Producers and Directors, Webb-Crozier is at home working anywhere a film takes her, both Creatively and Geographically.

Hazel and her team do whatever it takes to get the vision of the Director from paper to screen. To that end she works tirelessly to research and achieve the desired outcome.

For each and every film She has designed, Hazel has made at least one 'piece', that is entirely hand made by herself. It is her signature.


IFTA Award (Winner) (2005)
BEST costume design for Film Mickybo & Me (2004)


You can download a copy of Hazel's CV by clicking this link.

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