Nick Nickleby


In this modern-day adaptation of Charles Dickens's novel, the Nicklebyfamily fall on hard times. Nick takes his mother and his younger sister Kat to London to ask for a loan from Ralph Nickleby, their estranged uncle. Ralph is trying to make a business deal with a notorious mobster, and isn't above using his teenage niece as a pawn in his schemes. Unaware of his uncle's sinister plans, Nick accepts a job at Dotheolds Hall, a care home owned by his uncle. It's just the beginning of Nick's adventures, when he helps seemingly senile Mrs. Smike escape from the abusive care takers...

Series Directed by

David Innes Edwards ... (4 episodes, 2012)

Series Writing Credits  

Charles Dickens ... (5 episodes, 2012)
Joy Wilkinson ... (5 episodes, 2012)


Adrian Dunbar, Andrew Simpson, Jonathan Harden

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